Marianne Amtorp

Marianne Amtorp

Marianne Amtorp originally trained as an educator, but has worked with handicrafts all her life both as a hobby and as an integral part of her professional work. After years of working with young people and art, she took the plunge and became an independent artisan in 2005.

Marianne works with all kinds of textiles as well as flamed glass. She is especially renowned for her jewelry made of blown and hand-thrown glass beads and for her gauzy scarves in a mixture of silk and soft wool. The common feature of her work is their organic inspiration and the lightness of their colour and texture. 

Where can you find Marianne Amtorp's work?

Marianne Amtorp's handicrafts can some times  be found at the prestigeous market Kunst i Byen (Art in the City), which is dedicated to Danish handicrafts of the most exquisite quality. 

The market is held from mid-April to the 1st of November on Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen and is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Marianne considers herself an artisan rather than an artist, and craftmanship is a keyword in her work:

"I create crafts that should be used with pleasure and are allowed to be worn".